A natural beauty secret,Organic beauty sleep concentrate by Neal’s Yard remedies

June 14th, 2013

Hello reader’s , How are you all, I have been so busy in the past days with so many things n moreover I wasn’t too well but yeah  I am sharing with you my most favourite beauty product.
It is true that whatever we put in our skin, ends up in our body. Today we have chemicals in everything and it is almost impossible to completely avoid them but we can always minimize the contact wherever possible. I have come across lots of organic products but I have always had a doubt if they are really organic. So as per my experience there might be hundreds of organic brand but only few must be certified organic  and one of which is Neal’s Yard remedies.

I met Neal yard remedies team few week back when they were here in Dubai . They gave me insight into certified organic and so-called organic products .  Thank you Neal Yard remedies for such a useful piece of information and for awesome goodies I must admit that I was very much excited to start with this Organic beauty regimen and Yes I feel beautiful :D.

Goodies fromNeal's Yard Remedies /Organic/Dubai/Beauty Blog

Goodies from Neal’s Yard Remedies /Organic/Dubai/Beauty Blog

Though I loved all the Organic product but My most favourite product is Beauty Sleep concentrate . It is light weight and is infused with botanical extract and antioxidant-rich nourishing grape seed oil which has the best anti ageing properties. It also has essential calming oils which relaxes , regenerates & rejuvenate the skin during night time, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles . It’s very light textured so my skin absorbs the cream very easily and remains soft :)

I have been using the beauty sleep concentrate for a month now and I can already see the difference in my skin , It feels so refreshed, Moisturized and rejuvenated when I wake up after my beauty sleep, To be honest , Till now I have never been this much impressed with any night cream and I have been hesitant trying anything or everything as there is a possibility of getting break out but Neal’s Yard remedies is by far the best and Wooow I love  the essence of this beauty concentrate , it’s so aromatic & pure, So easy to be fallen in love with ♥. I also love their lovely blue glass bottles and jars which not only is pretty but also preserves all the anti oxidants and essential oils and thus keep them fresh and vital all the way to the bottom of the jar. 😀

Dubai Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist/ Reshu Malhotra//Neal's Yard Remedies

Dubai Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist/ Reshu Malhotra//Neal’s Yard Remedies

Direction to use: Apply 3-4 pumps every night and massage onto skin with a light upwards circular motion. It can be used over the serum or on its own.

Neal's Yard Remedies/ Beauty Sleep concentrate/Dubai/Beauty Blogger

Neal’s Yard Remedies/ Beauty Sleep concentrate/Dubai/Beauty Blogger

If you love being organic , you will be happy to know that this beauty concentrate is 90% certified organic . I am in love with this certified organic beauty concentrate . It is indeed impressive and also a must have product 😀

The  products can be purchased at all Neal’s Yard stores all over the world and in Dubai Mall,  Wafi Mall  and from Neal’s Yard website www.nealsyardremedies.com

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  2. dannadesigns says:

    The Beauty Sleep concentrate sounds fantastic!

  3. sinal says:

    This looks fabulous with all the herbs and oil. I will def try it.

  4. Saill says:

    I bought this from Dubai Mall. This is amazing. I am loving it, This is my first time using this brand and so far my skin feels soft and supple.

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