A natural tip for glowing skin :-)

August 7th, 2012


  •  Use cucumber as a toner if you dont have one as it acts as an astringent and cools the skin at the same time. It also lightens the skin tone.You can either add a little cucumber juice to any of your face pack..It also acts as an anti tanning agent and it lightens freckles,smoothes wrinkles and is a natural bleach.
  • Apply Mashed papaya on your face..It clears marks and lightens the blemishes on your skin and the skin will look bright .
  • Lavender oil is very good for sensitive skin, Regular use can also prevent sunburn.
  • Bio oil does wonders to your skin, Regular use can help in improving the appearance of stretch marks, any scars and blemishes. Mix it with your body lotion and apply it on your skin or use it directly. It also has as an anti ageing properties. I wuld’nt suggest you to use it on your face directly as it can give u break outs sometime and is not suitable for oily and combination skin type, If you want u can mix a drop of it with rose-water and apply it sometime.Thank you so much to all my reader’s if you like what i write please join me on my Facebook page :-)https://www.facebook.com/essencebeautytheinneryou.reshumalhotra

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