An organic way to soft & supple skin through Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Hydrating Cream

July 22nd, 2013
Neal Yard's Remedies// Frankincense hydrating cream/ Reshu Malhotra//Dubai

Neal Yard’s Remedies// Frankincense hydrating cream/ Reshu Malhotra//Dubai

Neal’s Yard remedies. One of my favourite  brand when it comes to skin care . I love everything and anything they have and one of which is Frankincense hydrating cream .

Reshu Malhotra/ Dubai/Frankincense Hydrating cream/

Reshu Malhotra/ Dubai/Frankincense Hydrating cream/

A beauty secret which is no longer a secret now as I must tell you that this organic beauty is so beautiful . Frankincense hydrating cream have everything to talk about , starting from the gorgeous blue jar bottles to it’s organic ingredients . And most importantly it’s  91% certified organic .This super gorgeous cream is infused with Vitamin Rich plant oils  & herbal extracts which are very essential for healthy skin to revitalize a tired complexion . It also helps in reducing Fine lines , rehydrates and rejuvenate our skin 😀

I have been using this cream for a while . After using this cream every day my skin feels amazing, Yeah that’s right it is an everyday cream and my skin feels softer, no tightness at all and most importantly it’s not oily at all. When it comes to moisturizing cream we all tend to believe that creams are slightly thicker and greaser than liquid moisturizer’s but Frankincense hydrating cream texture is just amazing. It’s light and it gets absorbed right away. It is rejuvenating and prevent moisture loss as it supports the skin’s natural defenses from every day stresses such as weather, air conditioning, the effects of pollution, all of which can have a harmful effect on our skin.

Neal Yard's Remedies Frankincense hydrating cream/ Dubai Beauty blogger Reshu Malhotra

Neal Yard’s Remedies Frankincense hydrating cream/ Dubai Beauty blogger Reshu Malhotra

Neal’ yard  products are obviously one of my favourite  in my skin care product list. They are  filled with goodness and you can feel and see them working after few application ! The quality is amazing that a tiny bit of it would go a long, long way so they really do last :)

I love Neal’s  Yard Remedies 😀

Direction to use: To use Apply after cleansing . This is a daily cream so can be used every morning .

The  products can be purchased at all Neal’s Yard stores all over the world and in Dubai Mall,  Wafi Mall  and from Neal’s Yard website

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  1. Sophie says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve heard all about this cream and was wondering whether to give it a go; it appears I should! Thanks.

  2. Sarah Rowlands says:

    i prefer using PureSacra Frankincense oil, i got it from this site

  3. Sidra says:


  4. Ilovebeauty says:

    Sounds great. I was looking for a good hydrating cream which doesn’t make my skin greasy. I am going to try this. Thank you for sharing.

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