July 4th, 2012
Dubai Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger Reshu Malhotra

Dubai Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger Reshu Malhotra

Dubai Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger

Dubai Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger

Dubai Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger

Dubai Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger

Dubai Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger/ Dubai/Middle east/ Beauty Blog/Uae

Dubai Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger/ Dubai/Middle east/ Beauty Blog/Uae

In the past few days, I have  been extremely busy with lot of Bridal makeup and other makeup sessions that i haven’t got much time to update.

This time it’s specially for my beautiful  bride’s to be, I  have written earlier also about this but since i have already started taking the Bridal makeup’s booking for the next season so I am writing this post on request of one of my Bride to be. I hope that like my other post ,you find this useful and helpful too and as always, your enquiries shall be answered as soon as I can. To visit my previous post you can follow this. link.


  •  6 MONTHS IN HAND 🙂 – Find a skin regime that suits you and give your skin a chance to improve slowly ahead of the big day. You can related my skin care post under .I would advice you to book a course of chemical peels or microdermabrasion. These techniques slough away the top layer of your skin allowing the complexion to appear more radiant and even in tone but the most important is getting these done from a certified therapist and recognised  place.It also allows your skin to absorb moisturizer better. Invest in the right products and never forget to leave your home without sunscreen as the last thing you would want to have is the pigmentation problem. And if you have any other skin related disorder’s , My advice would be to visit one of the best and trusted Dermatologist rather than trying something yourself.
  • 3 MONTHS TO GO – Start using a night cream containing a low concentration of glycolic acid. This will produce a mild peeling effect on the skin to eliminate dead cells and lighten pigmentation and will also stimulate collagen production.
    Dark circles are a huge concerns specially among Asians  .We dont know the exact cause as there could be so many reason’s but we are sure that they appear more prominent after sleepless nights which is a major problem we face towards the big day.So get plenty of sleep.Keep your skin well moisturised and stay hydrated by sipping on plenty of water.
  •  1 WEEK TO GO – The most important is try not to experiment with new products too close to the big day as there are chances of getting an irritated skin. Well moisturised looks more radiant because a smoother surface reflects the light better and thus makes the complexion glow. Stay hydrated as its importance cannot be over- emphasised. Eating well and getting sleep is also crucial.
  • ON THE DAY – Ideally your skin should be looking smooth and a radiant with all the pampering it has received over the past 6 months . As I have mentioned you can also visit my previous post by following this link. you are one of the Bride to be, I wish you congratulation and keep smiling 🙂 Remember what goes on in your mind, reflects on your face !!

    If you have any queries , you can reach me at and for all the Facebook user’s please visit my page

    Much Love Reshu


  1. Raksha says:

    I have read this before and I needed it soooo badly now…Thanks Reshu…I know I can turn to you for allll my need…love u loads…mwaaahh :*

  2. Very good post! We will be linking to this great article on our website. Keep up the good writing.

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