Does Benefit Fake up concealer really work ??

September 7th, 2013
Benefit-Fake-Up-Concealer #Reshu Malhotra #Makeup Artist #Beauty Blogger

Benefit-Fake-Up-Concealer #Reshu Malhotra #Makeup Artist #Beauty Blogger

Hello everyone , I often get asked about which is my favourite concealer which is not a very easy question for me as I  love  so many concealer’s and have of them as my favourite, Sometime during shoots i often end up using all the concealer’s from my makeup kit as every skin tone and complexion has different needs.

Concealer is one of the most crucial  product that you can’t afford to go wrong with . Lets talk about ” Benefit Fake Up Crease-Control Hydrating Concealer  “. Benefit has launched this concealer couple of months back .I love so many of BENEFIT product and i couldn’t wait to get my hands on it ,Now I have been using it for couple of months  and today i decided to share this gorgeous pink and silver fancy looking concealer with all my lovely reader’s.  ♥

Benefit-Fake-Up-Concealer #Dark circle #Fine lines

Benefit-Fake-Up-Concealer #Dark circle #Fine lines

Yes i just mentioned two magic words “HYDRATING CONCEALER” and ‘CREASE CONTROL” . Don’t we all know that area around the eyes are so delicate and can get dry easily which is one of the major cause for getting fine line’s and dark circle. What could better than having a concealer with concealing properties as well as hydrating properties .Fake up comes in three  shades  Light, Medium, and Dark . I use the lighter shade for myself . Lets see how it looks

Benefit-Fake-Up-Crease-Control-Hydrating-Concealers/Reshu Malhotra

Benefit-Fake-Up-Crease-Control-Hydrating-Concealers/ 3 shades available # Reshu Malhotra

Benefit concealer comes in a beautiful and fancy silver and pink little stick which is very easy to carry  . The core concealer is surrounded by a clear hydrating balm which has Vitamin E and apple seed extract.  It is very easy to use this concealer as it also glides up easily over the skin but i still prefer to blend it with my clean ring finger   .The excellent blending properties that concealer has makes it easy to conceal  any redness or blemishes :) .  I don’t have much fine lines and dark circle but recently i haven’t been getting enough sleep and i can see a bit of darkness around my eyes  ,  Fake up helps in concealing the darkness around my eyes and it also stays in  for six hours and won’t cake, crease, or settle. Lets have a closer look :

benefit-fakeup-hydrating-crease-control-concealer# Shades# Light, Medium, and Dark

benefit-fakeup-hydrating-crease-control-concealer# Shades# Light, Medium, and Dark

This Benefit concealer promises 2 things: Hydration and Crease Control and it delivers what it promises . Fake up is perfect for everyday wear and will work best for all skin type especially dry and mature skin .It can also be used if you have oily skin as remember it’s not oily , it’s just hydrating and oily skin also needs a certain amount of hydration to maintain softness and suppleness  ♥
Benefit Fake up is available for AED 115/- at Sephora and all Benefit outlets in dubai or you can also buy it from   So, what do you think? Ready to hide hose under-eye circles with Benefit Fake Up? Which is your favourite concealer ?

♥ ♥ Reshu

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  1. arshi naaz says:

    I like it

  2. Hope to get lucky …. Participated in ur giveaway

  3. Glad you bought , do lemme know how you find it !! love

  4. SIMSIM says:

    I bought this from sephora today after you shared it on facebook. I am going to try and let you know how it is .

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