Featured in Look , Britain’s No.1 Fashion Magazine

June 20th, 2013
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Dubai Beauty Trends/Look Magazine/ Reshu Malhotra

LOOK Magazine , The name itself reflects fashion, beauty, trends and much more :) I am sure we all must have heard about it , If not Look is a Britain’s Best selling Fashion Magazine .  In their recent  international fashion issue  .Look shared the biggest beauty trends from around the word  and spoke to  beauty bloggers from  6 fashionable countries  Australia, Norway, India, Russia , France and DUBAI. Yes no doubt Dubai is one of the biggest fashion hub in the world  :) A big thanks to  LOOK magazine to include Dubai and shared its beauty trends with rest of the world .
And yeah i feel so privileged to be able to represent Dubai Women & their beauty trends & My beauty tips . A special thanks to Look Magazine Editor Samantha Freedman for coming up with bright idea of bringing us all together and represent the world Beauty trends and also a big thanks to a well-known beauty editor Sarah-Jane for including me as their beauty blogger from Dubai :)

Look gave me lots of questions to answer such as Famous Dubai celebrity ,Best summer products, Dubai girls beauty style, best hairstyle, My favourite Makeup Tip, One beauty product I cant live without etc etc. I realise that look could only pick up few for their article which is understandable 😀

Look Magazine/ International Beauty trends/Dubai/Reshu Malhotra

Look Magazine/ International Beauty trends/Dubai/Reshu Malhotra

Look Magazine/Beauty trends/International Fashion Issue/Dubai/Reshu Malhotra

Look Magazine/Beauty trends/International Fashion Issue/Dubai/Reshu Malhotra

Look Magazine/Dubai Beauty trend/Reshu Malhotra/Dubai Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist

Look Magazine/Dubai Beauty trend/Reshu Malhotra/Dubai Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist

Skin Refresher/Dubai/Beauty Blogger/LOOK magazine/Shuemera

Skin Refresher/Dubai/Beauty Blogger/LOOK magazine/Shuemera

Look Magazine/Dubai Beauty trends/Dubai beauty Blogger/ Reshu Malhotra

Look Magazine/Dubai Beauty trends/Dubai beauty Blogger/ Reshu Malhotra

Reshu Malhotra/Dubai Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist/ Look Magazine

Reshu Malhotra/Dubai Beauty Blogger/Makeup Artist/ Look Magazine

This issue was out on 27th May,13 . Look has already posted me the magazine .Thank you Look beauty team for being so considerate . I hope to receive it soon :)
I am glad that i have been lucky to get this magazine before the posted one could reach me 😀
You can also check out Look Magazine online at  www.look.co.uk 


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  1. karishmarawat says:

    You have got a really nice blog here hun!

  2. I enojoyed the blog. In fact a complement you look absolutely stunning not surprised you in beauty and fashion… Do visit my blog.


  3. dannadesigns says:

    Congratulations beautiful and I am so loving that lip trend….super fabulous!

  4. Clara says:

    Wow. This is fabulous. I am so proud of you as one of your follower, Following your blog from 2011 and i am sure you will go much more higher. Your style of writing is so simple ,straight from the heart. , I am always glued to your blog post .Your blog reflects that you are a wonderful person too. All the best .

  5. Wahid Abdulla says:

    As you wrote, Dubai is a fashion hub. It is a huge fashionable place indeed. We are proud to have you a part of Dubai. I am from Dubai and i feel cosmopolitan that other nationality are making us feel proud. Good work Reshu Malhotra

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow, This is awesome. As always, I love your makeup and look has mentioned what i would like to say. Thank you for honest reviews and great beauty tips.

  7. Ttaara says:

    This is a great news. I am glad that you are being recognized internationally. Keep up the good work. You are fab.

  8. Michaa says:

    Love your blog, Followed you on Facebook and twitter too.

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