IZIL Natural Argan Beauty – An Argan Expert !

November 9th, 2014

I have always been a fan of natural beauty care and I am a great sucker for pure Argan products and have been a faithful user of Argan Oil . Just few month back , I came across this amazing brand for Natural Argan Products known as IZIL . Since last few months have been very hectic for me , I just couldn’t take out time to blog and that’s how I missed to share my thoughts about IZIL but after using their Argan products for some time . I am already in love with their each and everything I have tried and used so far. So I just couldn’t miss sharing my thoughts about IZIL natural Argan beauty products ♥

IZIL Natural Argan beauty  products

IZIL Natural Argan beauty products

Since there are so many Argan oil available in the market . It’s not very easy to trust one as there are lots of products popping up online and claim to be “Pure Argan Oil” . The best thing about IZIL products is that it is made with the high concentration of the highest and purest CERTIFIED organic Argan Oil . Each of the products contains potent antioxidant ingredients from natural sources which is mixed with plant oil , fruits oil and essential oil which is carefully selected to enhance skin radiance .


IZIL Multi purpose Argan Oil

IZIL Multi purpose Argan Oil

Multi purpose Argan oil is also known as “Liquid gold ” and since its multi purpose it can be used on face , body and hair 😀


  1. It is all natural ,100% organic and are free from any harmful synthetic chemicals and has no parabens.
  2. It has incredibly high concentration on Vitamin E , anti oxidants , carotenoids, fatty acids including Omega 3 , 6 and 9 which makes it hydrating and nourishing for your skin & hair .
  3. It is non greasy and get absorbed faster into the skin without making it greasy .


  1. Even skin tone by alleviating dry skin and rough patches
  2. Anti Aging properties
  3. Healing of Acne blemishes and scarring stretch marks. Absolutely perfect for pregnant women to prevent stretch marks .
  4. Soothing inflammation
  5. Regular use helps in strengthening nails and conditioning the cuticles .
  6. Repairing hair damage and getting rid of frizz and split ends.
    7. Good for baby’s delicate skin.

Price :180 AED

IZIL hasn’t restricted themselves with just Argan oil but they too hold their face collection which includes  Youth generating cream , Golden Glow Face Mask and also Green tea Antioxidant Face Mask which is formed from the blend of natural ingredients such as saffron, turmeric , honey , white clay blended with Argan oil


IZIL Green tea Antioxidant Face Mask

IZIL Green tea Antioxidant Face Mask

Ingredients : Green tea mask contains the perfect blend of White Clay, Argan Oil and Green tea which makes it very rich in vitamins & minerals .

The Green tea Mask has many benefits such as

  1. It draws impurities from the skin without removing the natural oils
  2. Regular use of the mask keeps the skin firm and elastic
  3. It promotes even skin tone and improve skin health by reducing inflammation.
  4. It removes bacteria , toxins ,excess oil and dead cells that can clog skin

HOW I USED THE MASK AND MY EXPERIENCE  :  I applied the mask to my washed and clean skin and left it for 20 minutes . I had the bit of tingling sensation initially but it got ok in couple of minutes which could be because of the dryness I had on my skin. I rinsed my face after 20 minutes and my skin looked so fresh , clean and healthy . I got lots of compliments for my glowing skin just after the very first use of the green tea mask  ♥
Price :140 AED

IZIL Natural Argan started with their first store located at Festival city but they  have now opened 3 further outlets, one in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai and two in Abu Dhabi at Al Wahda Mall and Dalma Mall.
Website :www.izilbeauty.com

Have you tried any Izil Natural Argan beauty products before ? If so , What’s your experience ?

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Much Love ♥♥

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