Obsessed with Merumaya skincare

October 1st, 2015

As you all must have known that i have been obsessed with taking good care of my skin, It was a couple of month back that i was invited to meet Maleka Dattu, founder of the British brand, MERUMAYA Integrative Skincare . At that time i had known little about Merumaya but after doing my online research on this brand and reading fabulous reviews by the top beauty bloggers from the UK such as Lisa Eldridge, Caroline Hirons ,Lilly Pebbles and London Beauty queen . I was so very excited to meet the founder of the brand , Maleka Dattu 🙂

Merumaya skincare review

Merumaya skincare review

Maleka Dattu, I am short of words to describe this beautiful passionate lady. A lady full of energy and positivity and yes, very passionate about her brand , Maleka had answers to almost every query of mine and she is one of the most knowledgeable people i have ever met. We discussed about almost every product Merumaya in details . Read more about Maleka here. Maleka had given me a few of the products to try . I have been using her products for almost 2 months now and i have fallen in love with them, Yes, that means it is very well tested & tried 🙂

MeruMaya Melting Cleansing Balm :  Before meeting Maleka i had read a lot of praise about this cleansing balm and when i had tried it . I have honestly become a huge fan of this product and would definetely like to say that i have found one of the best cleansing balm . It is very much effective & gentle on the skin and leaves skin hydrated, calm, glowing and refreshed. It is also very easy to use this balm .You just have to massage it on your skin and it melts right onto your skin, quickly emulsifies makeup and grime. You can add some water and it turns into a milky texture which is very quick and easy to remove . Maleka recommends to use a cleansing cloth for the best results .
It is one of their bestseller product and also a winner of  Irish Tatler Award 2013 for Best Cleanser .
Ingredients : Sweet Almond Oil, Echium Oil containing Omega 3,6,9 and Anti-oxidants
Price : £15.50
Available at www.merumaya.com and John Lewis Store.

Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash : I always believe in double cleansing my skin , therefore i have been using this face wash after cleansing my skin with melting cleansing balm. This Facial wash is highly recommended for acne prone skin, but I believe it is good for all skin type and that’s why it has proved to be so effective for my type of combination skin 🙂
This foaming facial wash are very effective for spots and blemishes without being harsh on the skin unlike other acne control face wash . It’s Pommegranate Enzymes gently slough away dead skin that might cause blockages and spots while brightening the skin for greater radiance and treating the spots and the symptoms such as redness and inflammation.
Mangosteen is a superior anti-oxidant that helps to protect the skin at a cellular level. Extremely gentle surfactants mean that the foaming is rich, gentle and does not strip the skin, so it is even great for drier and more mature skin types.
Another ingredient  Happy Skin™ helps to promote the release of endorphins assisting in bounceback and reducing the glumness often experineced by sufferers.
I think there is nothing better than a face wash which not only clean the skin well but also prevent it from acne, what else do we want . I feel i have found my favorite facewash in Merumaya Luxury Facial wash 🙂
Ingredients :Pommegranate Enzymes , Happy Skin ,Mangosteen
Price : £15.50
Available at at www.merumaya.com and John Lewis Store

MeruMaya Treatment Toner : I never skip toner in my beauty regime , I have been using this toner after double cleansing my skin and before mositurising my skin . This treatment toner is just fabulous and provides immediate hydration ,softening ,plumpness and brightness . It includes hyaluronic acid which helps in reducing fine lines and act as anti ageing ingredient , micro and brown algae which provides long term moisturisation . It also provides excellent brightening action with stable form of vitamin c  that only activates once it is on your skin so that it is highlly effective. My skin feels so soft using this toner as it has natural betaine 🙂 I must say that i am addicted to this toner and never skip it in my beauty regimen. And i am happy to say that it’s time for me to restock it as it’s almost over 🙂
Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid , Micro and brwon algae , Vitamin C , Natural betaine
Price : £14.50

Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum : I have been using the Iconic Youth Serum from the time i have met Maleka and i am just in love wth it , Initialy when Maleka had introduced me to this Iconic youth serum , i was hesitant as for me serum would be greasy or too rich but honestly this serum is just a magic and not greasy atall . It improves fine lines & wrinkles , provides hydration and plumpness while reducing dark spots and blemishes . It has hyaluronic acid which has its anti ageing properties and prevents spots and blemishes. It also has Echium Oil, a plant source of Omega 3,6,9 which provides the best anti inflammatory action to soothe sensitive skin, problem skin and helps prevent skin ageing. My skin has been glowing from the time i am using it and it is very easily absorbed by the skin thus it doesn’t look greasy atall.
Ingredients : Hyaluronic acid , Echium Oil
Price : £35.50

Merumaya skin Brightening Exfoliating peel : A must go item for all skin type including sensitive skin also . It hydrates and helps in removing the dead skin and reducing the dryness . So incase you have dry skin, using this peel you would notice that your skin is well moisturised which would absorb the cream and treatment well. Oily skins would appear less sallow and pores are more refined without stripping the skin.  If you have problematic skin, using this exfoliating peel , your skin are less likely to experience congestion and blockages caused by dead skin cells and this helps to prevent spots.
It is a clear gel and is very quick and easy to use . Just apply on your skin and also it does not require any scrubbing. It causes a bit of tingling but it gets ok withing few minutes . I leave it for around 10 – 15 minutes and then wash it off. It is so effective that you would see an instant glow and skin brightening . It’s a must-do home treatment to restore a more youthful appearance and vital glow 🙂
Price : £19.50

Intensely youthful Eye cream : One of the most effective eye cream which provides imediates effect on tightening and firming the skin. It reduces the fine lines and provides elasticity with Echium Oil, which is a plant source of Omega 3,6,9 and Argirilene, which is often referred to as the ‘botox’ of ingredients .
It has ingredients such as  Rhodiola Rosea, Yeast Extract and Ginseng which reduces puffiness and dark circles and also provides intense hydration with Hyaluronic acid . It is very light in texture and it causes no smudges of makeup and mascara.
Price : £25.50

I have loved each and every product of Merumaya , It has been very effective for me and i am just in love with all the products. Infact I am going to restock almost everything that I have tried so far and also would love to visit John lewis store in London just to have a look at Merumaya product range  . I just wish these products were available in Dubai, but nevertheless you can easily order it online at www.merumaya.com

Much Love

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    My question to a beauty blogger like you is ? there are myriad of products and brands claiming the performance in terms of anti ageing ,skin care and wrinkle protection.. how do you go about shortlisting the brands and products for example vitamin E almond oil is elementary ingredients for a skin vitality and almost all brands claim tall..so how do you arrive at a particular brand?

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