Sun & glow- Skin care for summer, Takecare!!

May 1st, 2012
  • Summer is here again, it’s about  baring skin and showing off the beautiful (fake) summer tan you have.  But in order to look good baring that skin, you need to summer-ize your skin care routine to ensure a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin.Basking in the sun is loved by so many people whom i know, However its time to take care of your skin as Summers also comes with skin ailments like tanning, dehydration, pimples and blemishes. This season demands special skin care. Be ready to fight the heat by following a few skin care tips to look as beautiful as you were.
  • EMBRACE SPF : The Most important part of your skin care is to protect yourself from harmful sunrays ,As i have always said and believed that sunscreen should be the most important part of our daily skin care routine.There is no use of working hard for skin care and finally ruining it with sun exposure. Apply sunscreen at least 20min before you go outside, reapply every two hours and always after swimming. And don’t let those clouds fool you — apply sunscreen every single day!So the smart thing to do is to get a good sunscreen and use it regularly.When choosing a sunscreen, make sure it contains HIGH SPF AND  HIGHMEXORYL…HIGH ZINC OXIDE ..HIGH TITANIUM DIOXIDE. Few of those that i can recommend would be.. Clinique spf 40,Laura Mercier and La Roche Posay’s Anthelios 
  • REGULAR SKIN CARE REGIME  :AND YES U ALL GUESSED IT RIGHT..Its the same CLEANSING,TONING AND MOISTURING and i would add another one here that is not forgetting to apply a good sunscreen.Different skin require different products but simple skin care needs cleansing, toners and moisturizing.
  • ALWAYS EXFOLIATE: Sun, sand, sweat, and sunscreen only increase the amount of dead skin cells that build up on your face and body. Slough them off with an exfoliating scrub or loofah a few times each week. (A beautiful bonus: Exfoliating will also help your self-tanner go on more evenly and prevent streaking.) For a natural scrub for a sun-damaged skin, You can use oatmeal mixed with Rose water and natural youghurt.This works well and also helps in reducing the irritation.
  • HYDRATE YOURSELF :We all know how important water is for our health, Figure and well -being..But do you all actually drink 2-3 ltrs of water everyday ! I do .. Always!! Yeah that’s true!Nothing more  will improve the appearance of your skin if you dont drink enough water..WATErhelps you lose weight… It makes your skin look… healthier , clearer and smoother.. In short it really does wonders and is the best tool to have a younger looking skin
  • EAT RIGHT : Go beyond green and colourful  in your diet if you wish to stay young and want the beautiful healthy skin especially during the summer heat.  Include more aloe vera in your diet as well as your skin care products which is rich in vitamin e which is essential for a flawless skin.. Few healthy colours YELLOWS,BLUE PURPLE AND RED looks lovely on apparel or abt extending these to your plates
  1. YELLOW OR ORANGE : -Regular consumptions of papayas and application of papayas will help you in whitening your skin and giving glow to it.
  2. GREEN:Green coloured vegetables is useful in protecting skin from environment factors that can cause damage to your skin .
  3. BLUE OR PURPLE:-Blackgrapes,currants and blue berries are rich in antioxidants due to which the reversal of aging becomes easier.
  4. RED:-Tomatoes and watermelon are loaded with lycopene and has a high water content which is needed to keep your skin hydrated..cranbereis are very helpful to preventing wrinkle formation.
  • GO FOR SUMMER MAKEUP TREND:Trade liquid foundation for a lighter, mineral-based powder with a minimum SPF of 15. Skip the creamy blush and instead go for a natural-looking glow with a touch of bronzing powder. Use the mascara  and wear a nude gloss.. I love this too and usually you would always see me wearing this.Use these simple basic summerish skin care tips and enjoy yourself at the beach..Takecare and stay beautiful!!

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