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Imagine Waking up to a flawless hair every morning..HairMakeovers at The Artist Beauty Lounge

August 24th, 2015

Hey! My lovely readers it is good to be back again after a while writing to you,You must be wondering what kept me busy.. Well! Well! … I have been so involved with my new beauty regime from past few weeks  and totally!!  excited  to share with you all , which I am going to […]

Latest Beauty addiction , Naturelle D’Orient 100 % Pure Argan .

April 5th, 2014

Liquid Gold for your skin , yeah that’s what the precious Argan is called , Lately I have included Argan in my daily beauty routine , I have been looking for the pure argan oil where the label says Organic for sometime now and then I came across this fabulous brand called “Naturelle D’orient” which […]


September 15th, 2013

Hello my beauties , I have recently shared my views about ALTERNA KENDI DRY OIL MICROMIST. As i said that i love Alterna Hair care product and specially this amazing Frizz controller. So i  am  giving away this superb Frizz controller .Don’t we all love giveaways , I absolutely love it and also love excitement […]

Amazing Frizz controller – I love Alterna Kendi dry oil micromist !

September 14th, 2013

I am sure you all must be wondering how many product can i really love 😀 I am so passionate about beauty that i love to try anything and everything that can make you more beautiful . From quite sometime i have been looking for a good hair mist that can control the frizziness in […]

How does Park Avenue Beer Shampoo help your hair ?

August 24th, 2013

Few months back i was introduced to this Beer Shampoo. I have always loved using Beer as a conditioner and it has worked for me. We all know that Beer is known for its conditioning properties. It adds a healthy sheen to dry and dull hair , makes hair soft , less frizzy and also […]

I missed my blog,back after 3 weeks of intensive hair styling workshop .

March 25th, 2013

Helllloooooo everyone,  A big hi to all My friends, My fellow bloggers, My supporter’s and everyone who is reading this post. Hope you all are doing great. Yeah I am back to my world of blogging, I am blogging today after almost 3 weeks .This has been the longest break in the history of my blog […]

OMG ,Awesome Natural Hair conditioner- Art of Soap

February 5th, 2013

Hello My love One of the things I enjoy about being a Makeup Artist and a Beauty Blogger is always getting to try the new products Having beautiful hair is important to most of us, but with so many toxins in our environment, using name brands can add even more to the toxic “soup” that flows […]